Our mission is to help to democratise innovation, enterprise and entrepreneurship for as many people as possible because we believe that a person’s postcode, background, race, gender, religion or social status should not be a barrier to their future.

We will only work with highly ambitious, highly committed, high impact teams to create quality companies that maximise return on investment for all the stakeholders.

Skin in the game

We put an emphasis on long term value for all our clients, partners and collaborators. We believe in having our own skin in the game as this is the best way to ensure that extravagance just isn’t allowed and we are all aligned in what we are setting out to achieve. Although we passionately believe in focus on the bottom line as the engine room that drives innovation, we always believe in the power of longer term value to create lasting change.

Ambition and attitude

We only work with corporates and entrepreneurs who are ambitious and committed. Vital to these businesses are the people behind them. We look for highly motivated teams with a strong set of core values and attitudes. UP demands a genuine full commitment in terms of time and energy. Our ethos is one of cooperation and collaboration, as well as competition. We will apply determination, grit, courage and sheer hard work and of course, demand the same in return. So don’t just turn up – make an impact!


For a period of time, being an entrepreneur and running your own business was looked upon as something for people who couldn’t get “a proper job.” That has changed and it is now more important than ever that more people unleash their talent and capability on solving the big questions that we all face. We are passionate that people from all circumstances should get access to the tools that will enable them to make a difference – bigger, better, faster!

Think, inspire, do

Our philosophy is that a good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow. Experiment, take action, get feedback from customers and prospects and adjust. So, don’t wait for the perfect day –it will never come. Don’t just dream it – do it!

The vital few

The speed at which you drive high growth companies relies most times on money, markets and management. Focus on customer acquisition, managing the cost base and raising external investment (when and if necessary) and managing teams through change is always critical. This requires us to constantly ask whether we are all delivering effectiveness climb the mountain is important, but only relevant if you choose the right mountain to climb. Effectiveness is more important than efficiency. We constantly ask ourselves if we are climbing the right mountain. It’s about focusing on what matters most (i.e. 10% of effort can be 90% of productivity). Click here to link to a relevant blog post. *


We believe that resilience is a much underrated characteristic. Take a view, expect to be questioned, even laughed at – but be passionate in your belief in the idea and your team and your networks. We believe in the importance of maximizing partnerships, realizing the potential of our team, not automatically believing that “more money” is the answer. Run a lean operation, and in short, maximise the knowledge and connections that we all possess.

Collaboration and teamwork

We are passionate about collaboration. Willingness to collaborate often takes confidence. We continually look to find new partners and stand on a belief that the world’s greatest challenges will never be solved by one person, one team, or one company.


The old adage of “better a good team with an ok idea that a bad team with a great idea.” No matter how good your idea, for us it’s all about people. We have been around a while and we only want to be in business with people we enjoy working with. There are no exceptions on this rule.

Continuous learning

We believe in the potency of continuous learning. We believe that we all should learn both from failure and success and believe that no matter the outcome of this venture, you must learn about yourself, about business and about what you want to do next.

Family and health come first

Recent personal experience has brought this home with a bang! There is nothing more important than your family and your health. It is always prioritized. If you are sick or there is an urgent family need, we will insist you drop everything and take care of your family and your health above all else.

What  our  partners invest in

What we won’t invest in