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UP connects brands, startups, investors and governments to drive innovation that creates scale and stakeholder value. UP provides access to networks, venture development processes and corporate resources designed to identify big opportunities and accelerate growth. Our innovation programmes are backed by some of the world’s biggest brands that share our commitment to helping startups and scaleups succeed.

What’s in it for brands seeking more effective corporate innovation?

We scout the market to identify companies or technologies that fit a clearly defined set of client needs and priorities. This can be designed to solve an identified technology problem or opportunity; to target and acquire new users or customers; or to enable entry to new markets.

We enable Start-up engagement by taking an active monitoring role in our corporate’s portfolio investment companies; by providing a programme of mentorship and support to companies that need it; and by delivering access to private capital from multiple sources to support future growth.

UP’s corporate acceleration model enables our clients to attract and retain high performance staff  by providing opportunities for client staff to experience startup culture and to take advisory roles and internships with portfolio companies. This creates an environment that actively encourages cross-fertilisation between portfolio companies and clients.

We offer access to a team of experienced venture builders, developers and product managers to support clients on individual project needs.

All of this enables corporates to participate in the value created by disruptive new entrants to the market, even if they find it difficult to adapt, execute and deliver to the highest standards.

What’s in it for entrepreneurs?

We help our entrepreneurs’ ambitions to grow bigger, better, faster companies through a series of programmes, bespoke services and events designed to increase access to talent, capital and markets. Critically, because of our credibility and the strength of our trusted networks, we can get our entrepreneurs through corporate doors so much faster than they could achieve themselves.

We do this by developing and providing a comprehensive, unparalleled array of demand-driven services and programmes. At the heart of UP’s model is our world-class network built to support UP’s Entrepreneurs and corporate clients.

Once selected, entrepreneurs are provided with customized services from a network of global and local business leaders who serve as mentors, advisors, connectors, investors, and role models.

Unlike any other accelerator, we apply a mix of a defined programme structure which is designed to fit with your business commitments, alongside some very practical “business builder” activities. We believe in “getting the jacket off” and providing hands-on help – for instance, our experts will help you with real sales meetings

This fits with the reality of life in young businesses and gives you the opportunity to continue working with your team and keeping the business on track.


Engaging with intelligent investors to raise high value finance for growth

UP’s programme will significantly de-risk the unknown variables in investing in early stage tech businesses. We drive commercial success through customer acquisition & retention and placing the companies in a strong position to scale up quickly and deliver the best possible return on investment. We actively encourage potential investors to have early and continuous access to the businesses in the UP portfolio.

UP has an outstanding record for getting businesses investment ready and securing smart finance from investors who bring more than money. 

What  our  partners invest in

What we won’t invest in

Think you've got a good business proposition? Think you just need some best in breed processes and genuine contacts across the spectrum of the tech ecosystem to drive scale? Get in touch - we'll help you get there...

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